Monday, July 21, 2014

Number of the Day Books

So today I made the dreaded trip to school to officially "kick off" work.  Teachers go back Aug. 4th, but I have some serious anxiety attacks at night (the hubby hates them, then stays up all night keeping watch over me) and it's just no fun for anyone if I don't get started early.

Today the hubby was on shift so I thought it'd be a perfect time to drag my two helpers along and put them to work.

My oldest daughter is going into middle school (sniff, sniff) and was a terrific helper today!  I'm so going miss having her at my school, she's been at my school since Kinder :(  Sadsville! youngest thought it was cool to hang out in the lunch tub....*gag* (thankfully the custodian washed it out over summer)

ANYWHO.....I went to work to make my Number of the Day books for my kiddos.
I spent the greater part of my morning copying them so I could hole punch and bind them.  I went a little OCD on them and made every 10th page a color.
This is the cover....if you've purchased this packet, please go and re-download it so you get the cover page.  I'll let the kiddos color it on the first day of school.

Each page has the number word, a space to write the numerals, a number bond, 10-more, 10-less, 1-more, 1-less frame, ten frames, tens/ones columns, and a place to write addition and subtraction problems.  
I plan to do our number of the day whole group and then let the kids do it in their books.
And the finished product! It feels SOOOO good to have this marked off of my to-do list!  I pray I sleep well tonight.  Go check it out at TpT: Number of the day.
And right when you think it was a good idea to bring your kids and use them as free labor....I heard "Mom, Mom, look, I'm a floating head.....take a picture"   OY VEY!!!

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